Orange County Register
Flute Concerto: "The concerto is a celebration of pastoral beauty, it should be part of the main flute literature."

Los Angeles Times
Oboe Concerto: "Within a tonal scheme, Cummings’ Oboe Concerto is full of wonderful melody while not shorting the solo part of technical brought the audience to its feet."

New Haven Register
Lacrymosa: "This work for the victims of 9/11 is an impression of mourning and grief. The listener heard something gentle, mysterious and liquid unfold, the vibrato of the string section implying intense sadness and loss. There was a reverence here, but also a sense that life is never lived in vain. This beautiful work concluded with a shimmering crescendo and release - sophisticated and timeless.

Culican; Nororste: Cummings' Concerto for Soprano
Saxophone was a wonderful experience in melody.
It's pastoral nature reminded one of a walk in the park
with the westward wind at your back. It brought the
audience to a standing ovation.


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